Price: $35

State: New Hampshire
City: Rindge
Zip code: 03461
Type: Animals

Seramas are the smallest chicken breed in the world - only growing to be the size of a soda can. They are the bantam of all bantams! Did I mention they come in over 2,000 colors, are super sweet, and pretty quiet? What's not to love?
I happen to have two extra roosters right now - Pumpkin & Brownie. Both live together but I don't mind separating them if it comes to that. They were hatched March 2, . Pumpkin is a smooth Black Tailed Buff with an adventurous, curious, and independent personality. Brownie is a Black and Dun Frizzle with the most laid back personality I've ever seen on a chicken. He loves taking dust baths in his food bowl and just chilling in the sun. Both are used to being handled and being both indoors and out. They'll make wonderful pets or breeders. In fact the frizzling gene is dominant so if you do breed Brownie you'll get 50% frizzled offspring and since Seramas don't "breed true" you can get over 2,000 different color combinations form them. Sorry I don't have any hens at the moment to accompany them but I do have a waiting list. Asking $35 for Pumpkin, $45 for Brownie.